our spaces

our spaces

There is more beyond your room…

Connected with nature and the farm, our Casa offers a place to kick back and unwind, and
with sustainability and ecology at its core it truly is a pace of wellness.



Step inside Casa Vale da Lama and immerse yourself in nature while maintaining the comfort of your home.

The open space living and outside areas are decorated in a timeless and natural way.

With nature setting the tone, the Casa offers a great environment to share with loved ones – whether you are enjoying our good food or having a tea by the fireplace, playing a game or reading a book, our Casa has a nook for all.

Outside spaces are contoured by our herb garden labyrinth and ancient trees. In addition, a few steps away is a salt water pool and lawn area with sun-beds and umbrellas.

Close to the kitchen we have a shaded terrace where you can have your meals whilst still immersed in nature.

A little bit further away from the Casa we have a fire pit you can book for bonfire nights.

The inside spaces include a dinning and lounge area, with self-service drinks and snacks where you can have our home made kombucha and juices, coffee, tea and more. Our library located on the mezzanine provides a selection of sustainability and permaculture books as well as others genres.

In the center of the main hall is a fire place and our farm shop that sells our own label of products made with ingredients from the land.