Regenerating Soils
Growing Food
Nourishing The Community
Educating Generations
Returning to Nature


Quinta Vale da Lama streches over 43 hectares of land.

It is surrounded by countryside neighbourhoods, a river, a bustling coast line dotted with white sand beaches and cristal clear sea, and nestled between two growing cities. Yet it still remains an oasis of sustainability and regeneration, where wellness, eduaction and recreation coexist.

Vale da Lama’s mission is to give it’s community:

– quality nourishment through growing organic living vegetables;
– valuable education through experiences in nature and community building activities;
– and future proofing the health and abundance of the land through regeneration and sustainable practices.

As our guest:

You get to roam and explore the whole farm freely any time. You will get to taste our organic fruits and veggies at the restaurant. And each morning your breakfast will contain eggs from our chickens, jams and compotes made with our fruits, and if in season, fresh orange juice from our orange tree orchards.
You may also participate in unique experiences with our knowledgeable staff and book a guided tour of the farm

If you are curious about what goes on at Quinta Vale da Lama,
visit the website: